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Minds Eye Yoga, Meditation & Healing


It's YOUR practice - Yoga is a lifestyle! It is discovering, embracing and enjoying this wonderful gift of living. I am here to  assist you in providing a safe, relaxing and holistically rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Free of judgement, I invite you to share your journey, and let's explore together. Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting; see what Minds Eye Yoga has to offer you.

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About Us

Minds Eye Yoga was born in 2013. I had a vision - I had a dream. 
I wanted to create space where people could come and yoga. I want everyone to love the yoga as much as I do. I believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and freedom. These feelings inform and guide our core teachings and practices. My focus is on helping people better connect to themselves in their practice, and then taking all of what you learn off the mat - into your LIFE. . Discover more about YOU!
Namaste, Tameko

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Where Can You Find Us

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to offer you diversity in your yoga practice through movement, breath and meditation. Founder of MEY, Tameko Kezama started this movement to help bring awareness to all bodies,  "when we come together to share energies and build community, we connect on a level of oneness". 
I am very blessed to be part of this community, hosting classes, workshops and facilitating special events within the city.  Many of my offerings are held in the studio pace at Such N'Stuf Health & Wellness Centre (1818 McAra St.) It is important to check the schedule,  Facebook page and IG for events, sessions and specialty offerings.
OR just reach out!

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Home: About Us

Yoga Offerings & Outlines

Spend Some Time With Us

Everyone leads a busy life.

Your mental and physical wellbeing is important. It is necessary to take time out of your schedule to re-energize, re-fuel and re-connect. Join us. Let go and BE present in each moment.

You deserve it - Your are worthy!


Classes offered will run as series, unless specified. Series will be between 4 & 8 weeks depending.  Offerings include Sattva Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation (Visualization - Guided, Color Therapy, Interactive), Mindful (Gentle) Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga Infusion, Reiki Infused - Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and celebrations to honour the seasonal changes and moon phases. 

NOVEMBER Reiki Special

You are in for a treat! 

We are offering 2 special dates for Reiki sessions. Tameko will be joining forces with her daughter, Sydney. With over 10 years experience in facilitating Reiki between the two, you will be showered with energy and healing from head to toe. 

Appointments will need to be booked and payment received in advance for both dates. There will be no option for walk-ins. 

Sunday, Nov. 5th  - 45 minute sessions available ($60/session). 

Sunday, Nov. 26th - PAIRS Reiki Sessions: book for yourself plus 1 and receive treatments at the same time. Perfect for sharing and connecting, excellent for partners, parent/offspring, besties, or whomever you feel a special bond and would like to experience this one of kind treatments with. Sessions will be offered for 45 minutes at $70/pair.

ALL Reiki sessions MUST be pre-registered and pre-paid in advance. Cancellation must be 48 hours in advance to receive full refund, and if within 24 hours, 50% will be refunded. SPACE IS LIMITED!  

Two Ripples

Deepening into Self

Yoga Beyond the Poses: Deepening into Self; a 4-week workshop series - Let’s Get REAL!

“We are each perfect and that our imperfections serve to awaken us to our deeper divine self.  This philosophy holds that nothing happens by chance and that each moment provides an opportunity to learn more.”                 (Libby Creagh)

Deepening your sense of self-awareness can be rewarding and challenging. This 5-week journey will introduce you to shadow work; When we do shadow work, we begin by acknowledging these shattered or dark aspects of ourselves.  We may look back to the instigating cause of the wound that caused us to exhibit a specific behavior. We learn where in the body this energy lives, and we choose to acknowledge and heal from it.

As we become conscious of this energy, we are then able to pause, and bring our focus inward, back to our center. With this focus, we begin to understand the root and how it connects to us on all levels; emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

This (very) personal journey will ask you to turn inward, with truth, compassion, and non-judgement as you uncover the blockages, find freedom and inner-peace, self-love, and healing.

This offering will combine a weekly gentle yin flow, (physical) practice; incorporating a physical practice will assist in decreasing muscle tensions.

through breath work, meditations and will be provided journalling prompts. You will be encouraged to acknowledge both your dark and light side, embracing all parts of what makes you who you are - accept the lessons you have learned, your experiences and remember that you are your own creator.

Additional practices, and journaling prompts will be provided via email for those who choose to participate. Our weekly in-person class will focus on physical movement, including some breathwork and meditation/contemplation.

If this exploration to Deepening into Self, is calling to you, register by connecting with Tameko via email at .

Introductory pricing is $120.00 / 4 weeks

In-person location: Such N’Stuf (1818 McAra St.)

Dates: Wednesday, Nov. 1 – 22, 2023 @ 6:15 PM (60 Min.)

Deepening  .jpg

MINDFUL Meditation 

It is simple.
There is no need for complexity.
There are no rules to follow.
You do not need to have experience.
It does not need to be flashy.
You, taking the time from all the business life can be full

Meditation is connecting, clearing, relaxing, rejuvenating, is present.

We do enough, but we forget that we are enough.

You are invited to share in the practice of meditation alongside facilitator, Tameko Kezama on:

Thursday, Oct. 26 @ 615 - 7 pm.

Tuesday, Nov. 14 @ 615 - 7 pm.

Tuesday, Nov. 21 @615 - 7 pm.

Investment in you is $15/person.
Location: Such N'Stuf (1818  McAra St.)

Because you deserve it.
Because you can take the time to nourish your mind, your body, your soul.

Registration is open. Please email:  to register.
Payment can be issued via E-Transfer. Please do nit issue payment until registration has been confirmed.

All you need to do... is show up...for you!

Please note: If you have, bring your yoga mat, a pillow/blanket for comfort. Some tools such as music, feathers, essential oil and or incense could be used.

There will be NO physical movement during this class.


Stress-Better Workshop

Stress-Better with Tameko Kezama and LeeAnn Hoeft
Thursday, Oct. 19th @ 6 PM

Taking time to nurture yourself, body, mind and soul will help you ground. Coming back to this place of peace, and self-love, is the perfect way for you to release the stresses that can create tension, chatter and blockages.

You are invited to share your night with us and LET GO.

You will be guided through this evening that will include Breath Work, a Yin Yoga Nidra practice  & Singing Bowls Sound Healing.
Set your intention to reduce the stress in your mind-body by infusing your own magik crystal baggie (details and stones revealed night of workshop).

Breathwork can evoke the relaxation response; and lowers the stress in the body. Calming the nervous system, balancing the hormones and becoming present in the moment, breath brings us into the present. Yin Yoga (practice) combined with the meditative practice of Yoga Nidra; this quiet, passive soothing practice will lengthen the body and target tension that is held in the muscles, giving you the physical release that your body craves. When coupled with Yoga Nidra, you are taken into a final posture of savasana, and here you allow your body to sink into the Earth, while the mind is free to journey  through the waves of emotional release. The angelic sounds of singing bowls offers you the ability to ride the vibrations, releasing all stagnant energy emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You are asked to bring with you, your mat, a small cotton blanket, optional; pillow and or bolster if you have.
There are some props available to use in studio should you need.
Please note that the use of essential oils, and additional tools will be used during this class.

Stress-Better Workshop
Date: Thursday, Oct. 19th
Time: 6 PM - (approx) 7:45 PM
Investment: $45/ea.
Pre-Registration is required. You can register via email to:
NOTEL Following confirmation of registration, payment will be required. This can be done via e-transfer (If not an available option, please advise at time of registration). Please DO NOT send funds before registration has been confirmed. SPACE IS LIMITED!

We hope that you will take the time for yourself and join us for this evening of pure BLISS.

stress better.jpg

Samhain Meditation - Connect with your Power Animal - Reiki - Flute - Cacao

Let's come together and share alongside Tameko Kezama & April Purves for this magical night of connection. 
This guided meditation set within the 3 days of Samhain allows us to celebrate the end of harvest and start of the new year on a level.
The thinning of the veils open the floor to connect with Spirits, including Power Animals.  Come and meet with yours, listen to the messages, the teachings that are meant for you! 

You are invited to share in this guided journey that will include Reiki, Meditation, Sound and sharing in circle.  
@ 615  - 7:30 PM
Cost: $40/person
Dress comfortable, bring your mat and whatever you might need for comfort.

This class offers no physical movement, but we will be on the floor.
Please note, essential oil, smoke and other tools will be used during this class.
PRE-REGISTRATION and PRE-PAYMENT REQUIRED in advance for this event. 
Register by email to:
Payment required following confirmation of registration.

samhain .jpg

Stretch, Massage & Release 

Stretch, Massage & Release

This class will be offered monthly (with a different focus each class)  between July to December. Classes are offered as pop-up classes and not run as a series. Each class will take on a different focus, using different props and incorporating different (restorative) postures. Pre-registration Payment will be required in advance.
This 65-minute practice will focus on incorporating props to relieve muscle tension and fascia in a mindful manner through restorative yoga poses and breath work.
When the body compensates for tight muscles, the whole body is impacted, and not in a positive way. 
Muscle tissue stretches best under passive tension and yes, the nervous system plays a role in the stretch reflex. For flexibility and mobility, long-holds, passive poses, with specific breathing patterns is the way to go.

You can gain muscle, but flexibility is something that requires a different kind of attention.  Slow, soothing restorative yoga poses is the perfect remedy to soothe not only physical aches, but the mental tensions and fatigue that may accompany back and hip discomforts.  Restorative yoga uses a suite of props to cradle the body into nurturing shapes. By letting go and yielding the weight of the body into the support of the props, deep rest, rejuvenation, and healing is possible. Restorative yoga also blends the ingredients of time, quiet, darkness and warmth to withdraw the senses and deliver a complete body-mind recharge.

Wednesday, Aug.2nd@ 6:15 – 7:20 PM 


Monday, Aug.28th@6:15-7:20 PM


Tuesday, Sept. 19th @6:15-7:20 PM

Tuesday, Oct. 10th @6:15-7:20 PM

Monday, Nov. 6th @6:15-7:20 PM

Monday, Dec. 4th @6:15-7:20 PM 

NOTE: Classes are subject to change - only accepting registration for current class NOT further than one month in advance. 

Location: Such N’ Stuf (1818 Mc Ara St.)
Cost: $20/ea.   Pre-registration & Payment required following confirmation of registration.
Email to Tameko:  
You will need to bring a yoga mat, blanket (small/cotton), and bolster if you have.

Best to have a water bottle and dress is fitted yoga/workout attire - too loose of garments can result in getting tangled in your props. NO previous yoga experience required.

Image by Awaken LIVE

Relax & Rejuvenate

Relax & Rejuvenate

Exploring healing tools to reconnect through yoga (Yin/Restorative poses), breathwork and meditation.
This 5-week journey will focus on a different theme each week to relieve muscle tensions, release emotional blockages, reduce stress, increase mobility, boost vitality and bring you back to your center.

Including the yoga as part of your life on a consistent basis can positively impact your life on many different levels.
If you find that you suffer from anxiety, insomnia or chronic physical discomforts, this might be an option for you to decrease those aches and pains, to fall asleep and stay asleep and to reduce the chatter in the mind. This mid-week break allows you to ground and refocus, get present.
We will incorporate different physical movements in a gentle execution coupled with breathwork and meditation that you can take with you and blend into your own home practice. If you don't have a home practice, but you would like to start one, I encourage you to join me, I want to teach you how you can bring the yoga into your life and start to feel better.

Dates: Wednesday, Sept. 20, 27, October 4, 11, 18/2023 @ 6:20 - 7:10 PM (50 min.)
Investment: $90.00
Location: Such N'Stuf 1818McAra St.
Facilitator: Tameko Kezama

Registration open. Please email:
NOTE: following confirmation of registration, payment can be processed. Payment will be required prior to the start of class.
Drop-in available pending registration ($22/each).

No experience required. Please be aware that essential oils, sound, props (balls, bolsters, blocks) and additional tools such as crystals and feathers could be used during class. This class is not suitable for anyone pregnant. If you have any special limitations, please be sure to advise at time of registration.

relax 5 weeks.jpg

Why yoga?

Live UR best life...

The foundation of (our) business combines the physical with the inner emotional and spiritual journey. By integrating body, breath, movement, and meditative awareness, we promote awareness of the inter-dependency of all these aspects in personal health and well-being. We use our extensive training and in-depth understanding of the human body and psyche to teach and cultivate awareness of one’s own practice and life process. 
Sharing in yoga is more than just moving, it is a full body-soul experience. We also participate in workshops, special (healing) events such as cacao ceremonies, essential oils, Reiki, seasonal, moon offerings and sound baths.

Class Schedule

You are required to arrange for pre-registration (and pre-payment) to secure your spot.

Register by connecting directly with Tameko via email:


Stretch, Release & Massage (Myofascial Restorative Yoga)

Tuesday, Oct. 10th - Feet, Ankles & Lower Leg

Monday, Nov. 6th - Hips & Glutes

Monday, Dec. 4th - FULL BODY relaxation

@6:15 - 7:20PM

Cost: $20.00/each

Location: Such N'Stuf (1818 McAra St)

Pre-Registration/Payment REQUIRED

NOTE: Props are used during this class, participants will be on the floor. Please do NOT send payment until confirmation of registration has been provided. 

Relax & Rejuvenate (5-wk) Journey

Wednesday, Sept. 20 - Oct. 18/2023

@6:20 - 7:10PM

Cost: $90.00 (5-wk series) 

$22.00 drop-in available pending registration

Location: Such N'Stuf (1818 McAra St)

Pre-Registration/Payment REQUIRED

Stress-Better  Workshop

w/Tameko & LeeAnn

Thursday, Oct. 19th 

@ 6PM - 7:45PM


Location: Such N'Stuf (1818 McAra St)

Pre-Registration/Payment REQUIRED

MINDFUL Meditation

Thursday, Oct. 26th

@ 615PM -7 PM

Cost: $15.00/Each 

Location: Such N'Stuf (1818 McAra St)

Pre-Registration/Payment REQUIRED

Samhain Meditation -  Power Animal  - REIKI - Flute -Cacao -

A collaboration with April Purves & Tameko Kezama

Monday, Oct. 30th

@ 6:15 - 7:30 PM.

Cost: $40/person  

Location: Such N'Stuf (1818 McAra St)

Pre-Registration/Payment REQUIRED

Deepening into Self (4-wk journey)

Wednesday, Nov. 1 - 22 

@ 6:15 PM - 7:05 PM 

*will include additional on-line and email resources. 

Cost: $120.00/Each

Location: Such N' Stuf (1818 McAra St)

Pre-Registration/Payment REQUIRED


Tuesday, Nov. 14th 

Tuesday, Nov. 21st

@ 6:15 PM - 7 PM (45 mins)

Cost: $15.00/Each

Location: Such N'Stuf (1818 McAra St)

Pre-Registration/Payment REQUIRED


The Witch Experience

Excited to be a vendor for the show this year here in Regina. 

Location: German Club

Dates: Friday, October 13 & Saturday, October 14/2023

Please watch for more details. 

* Vendors, Practitioners, Readers and all locally made tools, supplies and cool stuff. * 


Sunday, Nov. 5th - Reiki w/ Tameko & Sydney. (45 min. sessions available @ $60/session).

Sunday, Nov. 26th - PAIRS Reiki: book for yourself + 1 (2 of you receive treatment at same time) w/Tameko & Sydney.  (45 min sessions @ $70/session per pair) 

Healing Session Days:  

Dates that are open are posted. Sessions are only scheduled on specific dates, watch the Facebook page for updated dates. Or reach out. 

* MUST pre-book/payment in advance. Email to check what times are available. 

Watch for on-line offerings available on our group page Minds Eye Members which can be found on Face Book. Page offers yoga practices, meditations, pod-casts and more.

NOTE: Essential oil, sage, incense and other tools may be used during in person classes & healing sessions. 

Home: Events & Workshops
Home: Classes

Cancelation & Etiquette

Classes are non-transferrable. Make-up classes are NOT offered if you are unable to make a class. 


A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for a full refund for special classes/workshops and Energy Healing Sessions (this does NOT include yoga sessions or series). If less than 24 hours a 50% refund will be issued (this is in respect to all classes, excluding series or sessions client is registered for (in-person & on-line) .

Please respect that we often cannot fill a space on short  notice. Our time and effort is also valuable. Director of M.E.Y. has the right to refuse service or registration as she deems fit based on cancellation and etiquette.

*repeat cancelations and being tardy will apply*

​Classes offered as sessions, unless otherwise indicated. Pre-registration AND pre-payment is required in advance. Drop-ins permitted pending registration & space. 


We want to maintain the feeling of calm, safe and gentle - creating a respected and nonjudgmental space for all to enjoy:

Be 5-10 mins early, it is disrespectful to interrupt when class has started, rolling out your mat and disturbing others who have planned to be on time.

Respect the space, this includes your tone and volume when speaking as you enter and as you leave. As well as returning borrowed props, and adjusting lights or music. 

Remove your shoes before entering studio space. 

Respect the teacher's sequencing - do NOT skip Savasana. 

Cleanliness and applying personal hygiene, be sure you and your mat are clean before practice.

Turn OFF your cell phone.

Honour your limits - this is your time to practice, you are not here to impress anyone.

Home: Text

Who is M.E.Y.

It all starts with a dream...

BS Tameko_edited.jpg

Tameko Kezama

A student of yoga since 2001, completed her Sattva yoga training under Rameen Peyrow (Sattva School of Yoga) in 2013. Additional training, workshops and practice in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga,  Meditation, Pranayama, Inner Engineering (Isha Yoga Institute) and Yoga Nidra.
Certified Reiki Master - Teacher Trainer, AromaTouch Technician, Practitioner in Energy Healing; Chakra Balance and Aura Cleansing, Crystal Therpay, Cord Cutting, as well as Oracle Cards.
"It has been so exhilarating, refreshing & satisfying...truly yoga has changed my life and everyday is a new opportunity to live in joy, in peace and sharing a blessing".

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"What we think, we become"

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Energy Healing Sessions



Schedule your session with Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher Trainer and Certified Practitioner Tameko Kezama. Sessions may include additional tools and essential oil applications. 

EXPERIENCE the sensations of energy.

To book, connect directly with Tameko via email: 

Home: Our Therapies
Aromatheapy Oils

AromaTouch Technique

The AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet powerful way to provide every individual with an essential oil experience where the application of eight individual CPTG Essential Oils

is applied to the (bare) back and soles of the feet to create a feeling of overall wellness.

Session Specifics:  

AromaTouch Session / 30 min. $40

AromaTouch w/Reiki / 50 min $60

Each individual receiving the AromaTouch can have a different response to this technique:

  • Reduce Stress

  • Boost Immunity

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Restore homeostasis to the body

Reiki Healing

Energy Healing - Reiki

Reiki is a simple and safe method of spiritual, emotional and physical healing that everyone can use. Reiki is powerful yet gentle.

Session Specifics:

Reiki Energy Healing -

30 mins / $40.00

45 mins / $60.00

60 mins / $75.00

Sessions may include: use of healing tools such as crystals, sound, feathers, essential oils, eye masks, incense, oracle cards. If you have any sensitivity to scents or are pregnant/breast feeding, heart conditions or allergies, please advise in advance. 

The Universal Life Force Energy, can provide deep relaxation and stress reduction; when we are deeply relaxed, our body has the ability to heal itself on all levels:  mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Minds Eye Yogi

I have started to create a library where  all you need to do is press play - Let's begin, by taking a deep breath in...

So excited to have this opportunity to share with you some guided meditations, breath work and 'Mindful Moments' that include topics/focus and things that you  can do to bring the yoga into your life...LET'S GET REAL !!!

I have also started a series of short yoga sequences that you can access anytime,  or click the link below. 

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